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San Diego

Enjoy buyer protection and peace of mind with help from our San Diego consumer protection law firm. Based out of this beautiful Southern California city, we offer our full range of auto/dealer fraud, Lemon Law, and mediation services – often at no cost to clients!

Los Angeles

With so many businesses and corporations vying for consumer attention in big cities like Los Angeles, it can be easy to be misled by a sales representative. If you find yourself with a defective product, turn to the pros here at CA Consumer Law APC. We proudly serve Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

Orange County

Even against the most beautiful backdrops – like the pristine coastline of Orange County – you’ll still find deceptive sales tactics and practices. Our auto fraud and Lemon Law attorneys in Orange County, CA, look forward to ensuring you get the quality goods or services you paid for.

Bay Area

The Bay Area is full of savvy tech companies and businesses, but it's also home to consumers who are just as savvy. You know you're entitled to the quality items you purchased. Our consumer protection lawyers in San Francisco and all of Northern California are here to ensure that's exactly what you receive.


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