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Get answers to the questions we most commonly hear surrounding the California Lemon Law, auto and consumer fraud, and our legal practice.


California Lemon Law FAQs

Not necessarily! The California Lemon Law also covers vehicles sold with certified pre-owned (CPO) warranties.

There must be a defect that impairs a vehicle's use, value, or safety that the manufacturer or auto dealership cannot resolve in a "reasonable number of attempts." Contact our team to learn more!

The time frame varies significantly and is based on several factors, like the extent of the issue and the manufacturer's willingness to find a solution. Some cases may be resolved in a few weeks, while others can take months. Request a free consultation to gain insight into your particular situation and time frame.

Several misconceptions surround the California Lemon Law, the main one being that it only applies to new vehicles. Used cars with active warranties may also be covered.

Additionally, many mistakenly believe that the vehicle must have a major defect. Smaller ones may still be covered under the Lemon Law, provided they substantially impair the vehicle.

Another common misconception is that pursuing a Lemon Law claim is expensive. In most cases, attorney fees are covered by the dealer or manufacturer of the vehicle in question, not the consumer.

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Auto and Dealer Fraud FAQs

Auto/dealer fraud comes in many forms and refers to deceptive or unfair business practices that harm or mislead consumers. Examples include failing to disclose a used vehicle was in an accident, misrepresenting the price of a vehicle, recommending unnecessary repairs, and much more.

Always be cautious of unsolicited offers or requests, especially when those requests include questions about your personal information. A big red flag when it comes to auto and consumer fraud is a deal that seems too good to be true – it probably is.

Additionally, someone pushing you to sign a contract on the spot that you haven't had a chance to review thoroughly should be considered a major red flag.

Depending on the situation, several legal options may be available to you, from filing a lawsuit to seeking restitution. The best way to review your legal avenues is to contact a skilled fraud attorney like those here at CA Consumer Law APC.

It's important to find an attorney experienced in handling cases similar to yours, one who is responsive and has ample time to give your case the attention it deserves. A transparent fee structure is an important aspect to consider as well.

Here at our firm, we take a client-centric approach and offer free consultations. Thanks to our extensive experience in prosecuting fraud cases, we deliver expedited results while maintaining the attention to detail and focus our clients deserve.

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Mediation FAQs

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process in which a neutral third party – the mediator – helps disputing parties reach an agreed-upon resolution. The mediator assists with effective, civil communication, guiding the parties through discussions with the hopes that a settlement can be reached.

If both parties are open to negotiations and finding a solution, mediation is a great way to solve a legal issue while avoiding a costly, time-consuming trial.

In mediation, the neutral third party is there to listen and facilitate. Ultimately, both parties must agree to a proposed solution. In arbitration, there is still a neutral third party, but that third party listens to both sides, reviews evidence, and makes a legally binding decision that both parties must abide by, whether they agree with the decision or not.

Timely resolutions, more control over the outcome, and avoided court/trial fees are just a few of the many benefits that mediation offers. It's one of the best ways to ensure an outcome you can be satisfied with.

Several factors affect how long the mediation process takes, the most significant being the willingness of both parties to reach an agreement. Without that willingness, mediation becomes much more complicated and, thus, takes longer.

It also depends on the case's complexity, with some mediations lasting only a few hours and others needing a few weeks to resolve.

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FAQs About Our Firm

It all depends on your needs, the type of case you're pursuing, and the complexity of it.

Our free consultations are a great way for our team to learn more about your needs so that we can better assess the costs associated with your case.

It's important to note that the Lemon Law and California Legal Remedies Act dictate that the defendant (the manufacturer or dealership) is responsible for covering attorney fees for both parties

That means if you pursue a Lemon Law or California Legal Remedies Act case, our services are free to you.

Nothing! Our consultations are free, just one of the many ways we put our clients first.

We understand that even the thought of taking legal action against a company or corporation can seem daunting and overwhelming. We're here to demystify your legal options and get you the resolution you deserve. And it all starts with a free consultation – book yours today.

We have considerable trial experience here at CA Consumer Law APC.

Throughout her years in law, Ms. Pengilley has represented consumers, car dealerships, and automobile manufacturers in California state and federal courts. She has secured verdicts in favor of her clients against auto giants like Kia America, Inc. and American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Mr. Myers is also a seasoned trial attorney, successfully litigating in the state and federal courts against major companies, like BMW of North America LLC and Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A, Inc.

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