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Dealer & Auto Fraud Lawyers

Get the quality goods you deserve – the goods you paid for – and hold companies accountable when they use deceptive and unlawful practices. As consumer protection lawyers in San Diego, we advocate for your rights in the face of auto and dealer fraud.


All About the Consumer Legal Remedies Act


    To combat a rise in consumer fraud, the Consumer Legal Remedies Act was implemented, offering great protections. Found in the California Civil Code section 1770, it lists nearly 30 unlawful practices or acts, such as:

    • Passing off goods as those of another
    • Representing that a good or service is of a particular quality when it is, in fact, of another quality
    • Inserting an unconscionable provision into a contract

    And also states that the business must make an appropriate correction, repair, replacement, or other remedy.

    One of the great things about this act is that it offers protection in a variety of areas. The team here at CA Consumer Law APC focuses on fraud as it relates to the selling and service of vehicles and solar panels.


    Because so many unlawful acts and practices are included in California’s Consumer Legal Remedies Act, claim eligibility varies from situation to situation.

    The best way to see if you have legal grounds for a fraud claim is by discussing your situation with an experienced consumer, auto, and dealership fraud lawyer, like those here at CA Consumer Law APC.

    If you believe you’ve been taken advantage of by a dealership or seller of another good, product, or service, we may be able to help. Get in touch with our consumer and auto fraud attorneys today.


    Here’s what the general process looks like when filing a consumer fraud claim:

    1. A consumer realizes they have been misled or deceived in the purchase of a product, good, or service.
    2. The consumer gathers all pertinent documents and contacts a law firm knowledgeable in consumer fraud, like Pengilley Myers APC.
    3. The attorney you partner with will evaluate all aspects of your case, review your options, and determine what reasonable results you may expect

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    If you believe you’ve been taken advantage of by a dealership or other seller, contact our client-centered firm right away. Through a free consultation, you can discover if you have a legal claim and can get on the road to resolution.

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    I have known attorneys Stephanie Pengilley and John Myers since they started practicing law. Both attorneys have extensive litigation and trial experience in both California state court and federal court focusing in lemon law. They are passionate about their cases and work hard to get their clients the best possible outcome.

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    Pengilley Myers APC is a California firm that provides assistance to consumers who have been misled by sales representatives. Focusing on consumer fraud, specifically auto fraud, and upholding the Lemon Law, we fight to ensure consumers have the information they need to make informed purchase decisions.

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